Product Visionaires

Think Tank Spreespeicher Berlin

Spatial design

Realisation of the premises for Siemens AG

The Spreespeicher at the Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin is a solid example of the architecture of the last century within innovative surroundings: directly adjacent to the river Spree. SOLID:FLOW represents the interplay of “solid and flow”, transparency and proximity, making for an astonishingly creative location. The quintessence of the design is a room-in-a-room solution—a perforated curved hybrid form leading through both floors that shapes the PV office centre on a site of 1,200 square metres. Laminated safety glass connected to the hybrid form creates a mathematical pattern on the outside of the shape—standing in clear contrast to the free form. This reinforces the opposition within Solid:Flow—an interaction between solid, dense bodies and an intertwining hybrid form. The complex design reflects the diversity of the company’s tasks: lifestyle specialists segregating transient from decisive aspects, developing strong solid solutions constantly influenced by the creative flow. Product Visionaires supports Siemens AG in the process of product development in the mobile device sector. Project: MARTINI, MEYER





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