Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt

Concept / Realisation / Spatial Installation

Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt

A minimalist exhibition design uses graphic lines creating a link both to the content of the exhibition and to the permanent collection held by the Museum für konkrete Kunst. This takes place in the Reithalle Ingolstadt, a riding school, across a large area, where the exhibition is divided into twenty-six small cars in four thematic groups: City Cars—circles, which denote the centre in the language of urban traffic guidance systems and urban planning, point to the fact that these cars are mainly used in city centres; Sports Cars—lines resembling vapour trails emphasise the speed that characterises this kind of car; Small and Compact Cars—the square is the most compact geometrical shape, and it represents the optimum design for small-format cars; Formal Visions—unusual designs in an unusual place. The most daring designs, many of them very economical to drive, are placed on the roof of a central cube. Project: MARTINI, MEYER



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