Daimler Chrysler Services

Potsdamer Platz Berlin

Spatial design

Reception area Potsdamer Platz Berlin


DaimlerChrysler Services Mobility Management

Toll Collect


“The reception desk seems unlimited, almost infinite, as it runs through the glass wall in the entrance area of the new DCSMM offices, one of three floors at Potsdamer Platz Berlin. The design of the bar is based on the concept of natural movement and communicates boundlessness: these are both key motifs for the company. Organically shaped elements are a unifying feature of the spaces on the sixth and the eighth floors.” Horizont magazine

The three-dimensional corporate design for the reception area of the Toll Collect building on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. The formal language of traffic, highway exits, and rhythmic lighting communicates the world of the telematics system Toll Collect. The independent design refers to floors 6 and 8 of the building, where DaimlerChrysler Services Mobility Management is located. Project: MARTINI, MEYER in cooperation with Zum goldenen Hirschen Berlin


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