Urban Surrounding ZK/U

The role of the individual in public space


Cooperation partner
Center  for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U)
Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR)

Daniel Boubet, Sebastian Carewe, Ruben Alexander Dreymann, Bela Kurek, Johanna Lesche, Gesche Amelie Ringer, Paul Roeder, Lucas Vogel,    Jonas Wolff, Miriam Zanzinger, Nina Komarova-Zelinskaya

website showing work in progress
Play the game TRASHERO online

Prof. Alexandra Martini

The project Urban Surrounding ZK/U examines the role of the individual in public space, especially on the site of the Center for Art and Urbanistics Berlin. The aim is to develop strategies for the maintenance of the surrounding park (Moabiter Stadtgarten) and to promote cleanliness and security. Creative solutions for the maintenance and management of a green area as a social, public space are developed.
Method: The Moabiter Stadtgarten is examined using the “Mapping Waste” principle to determine the acoustics, user groups, littering, times of day, and type of waste.
The project Müllernte (garbage harvest) creates a community for park maintenance and cleaning. The project develops through events and social media. Sponsoring and public funds make it possible to prototype and test the idea. A further project examines public and private space and works on marking the boundaries between the two.
The computer game Trashero has been developed using the ZK/U floor plan and the gamification principle. It is intended to promote young people’s identification with the place.


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