The New Gartenfeld

Resilience and transformation of urban areas (Quartiere)


Student research supporting the development of a new quarter in Berlin

Cooperation PartnerU
TB Immobilienentwicklung

Klimaschau 2020 FH Potsdam

2018: Martina Del Ben, Mehran Djojan, Frank Jäger, Christian Pflug, Natalie Schreiber, Laura van Altena, Johann Vogel
2019: Luis Fernando Correa Santos de Oliveira, Constantin Dubyk, Nils Kaltenpoth, Laura Koch, Marie-Ann Koch, Vanessa Kronschwitz, Seulki Lee, Frauke Loeper, Felix Müller, Iva Radic-Capuani, Ricarda Sanz Janssen, Franziska Schmidt, Natalie Schreiber, Krista Smathers, Konstanze Stoll, Elise Werner
2020: Laura Awad, Annekathrin Bake, Lena Blüggel, Ken Dornberger, Hannah Esselborn, Claas Fritzsche, Jan Korte, Anne Lammich, Sophia Lenz, Max Linnenschmidt, Kilian Parker, Martin Parlow, Elise Rebien, Jose Ernesto Rodriguez, Jana Schelte, Theresia Schmidt, Chantal Schöpp, Sharmila Sharma, Jill Theobald, Max Tristram, Ilka Von Eynern, Thora Weidling, Annika Weseloh

Since 2018, students of design, architecture, and urban futures at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences, under the direction of Prof. Michael Prytula and Prof. Alexandra Martini, are supporting the planning process for the new sustainable quarter “The New Gartenfeld”, Berlin. In the seminars “The Street: The Gartenfeld”, “City – Man: Das neue Gartenfeld”, and “Resilience and Transformation of urban quarters”, they have developed interdisciplinary perspectives on living, working, and modes of maintenance. On the basis of comparative studies and empirical research methods, they developed innovative concepts for logistics services, mobility, critical infrastructure, ground-floor zones, green spaces, and street furniture, while also working to enhance culture, identity, and atmosphere in the quarter.




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