Hairy Times

Rethinking resources


For a new Circular Economy

Melissa Kramer

BA 2019

Prof. Alexandra Martini
Prof. Hermann Weizenegger

Cumulus Green 2020 Award Honorable Mention

In her project, Hairy Times, Melissa Kramer uses the material qualities of hair to promote circularity and contribute to recycling management. The keratin in hair is known to filter oil, particulate matter, and chemicals, store heat, and absorb sound. Based on a local analysis, the concept models how the tons of hair waste that are produced daily in Berlin (∼364,482 kg/year, ∼30,373 kg/month, ∼7,593 kg/week) can be integrated into a spatial .

The work received an Honorable Mention in the International Student Competition run by the Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media—Cumulus Green 2020: For a New Circular Economy (





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